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NEACURH Initiatives

Antler Society

NEACURH is looking to revive our alumni network, the Antler Society! We hope this initiative will be beneficial to our affiliates and help us reconnect with past members of the Northeast. If you are a Northeast Affiliate Alumni, consider signing up for the Antler Society by filling out the form below. If you have any questions, reach out to Tania at or Riley at!

CORS Initiatives

Any questions? Email Alika at

Submissions open the first Monday of each month and close the last Friday of each month for all CORS initiatives except for Marty U Recognition. 


NEACURH Grows : An initiative that focuses on having RHAs and their NRHH Chapters collaborate on monthly projects that foster their collective growth. (Submissions sent to CORS by email)


Antler of the Month : Monthly award devoted to recognizing those in NEACURH who demonstrate NEACURH's guiding principles. (Submissions sent in Google Form)

NEACURH Serves : Monthly service challenges for NRHH Chapters to complete throughout the affiliation year. (Submissions sent to CORS by email)


Marty U Recognition : Award for the institution that keeps in regular communication with RBD members and turns their resources in on time. 


NRHH Chapter Highlights : Monthly photo roundup of NRHH chapter events that NRHH reps submit to show off the ways their chapter recognizes residents and serves their community. (Submissions sent in Google Form)


September Snaps : A monthly nomination form where any member of NEACURH can recognize a NEACURH member in their institution or someone in the region that is doing a great job. (Submissions sent in Google Form)

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