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Implement the Program of the Semester, and you could win the POTS Award! You'll receive a certificate at conference and 30 spirit points towards the next conference! Be sure to tweet pictures @NEACURH and use #NEACURHMakestheSwitch or #NEACURHtakestheChallenge. (All submissions will earn 10 spirit points!) 


Implement a regionally selected Program Of the Month, featured below, and win 10 Spirit Points and a Spotlight in the MooseLove Monday Newsletter! Tweet @NEACURH ! For more on NRHH's OTM process visit their website or email ne_adnrhh@nacurh.org.

Program of the Semester

2016-17: The Switch

Implementation Guide



More Tips: Sustainable Programming

1. Invest in reusable tablecloths.

2. Reusable drink/punch dispensors- stop buying soda! Instead, buy lemonade or punch powder packets and make beverages yourself while saving money on soda or juice.

3. Tell people to label their cups and only give one per person, or make the event BYOCups or BYOUtensils.

4. Save and store leftover materials.

Ref: Blog by Tara Schinasi, SUNY Stony Brook

See below for even more information. Article published in NACURH's "the Link" October 2016 edition.


















































This could be you! Implement the Program of the Semester or a Winning OTM Program on your campus and tweet @NEACURH about it or submit it to the link below!


Regional Winners: April 2016


Educational: Feel Good Project

Presentation on stress, discussion of healthy recipes, healthy snacks provided, and watched dance performance. Addressed mental and physical wellness.

Diversity: Balls Around the World

Residents brought ball shaped foods from their own or other cultures to the event, and watched music videos from other cultures. Exposed residents to global foods & cultures.

Passive: Denim Day

To raise awareness for the dismissal of a rape case due to the victim wearing "tight jeans" and the necessity of standing against sexual assault, as well as to protest destructive decisions regarding sexual assault, jeans were hung around the school. Information and pins were distributed. 

Community Service: Ithaca Polar Plunge

Congratulations to Emily Matura from SUNY Geneseo for winning Excellence in First Time Passive Programming at RLC 2016 for "Diversity is Beautiful!"

"Diversity is Beautiful is a program that focuses on displaying the beauty of diversity on campuses. It encourages students to take pictures of their friends and submit them to a website that puts them on display to creating a collage of all the pictures and to make an overall picture of diversity."

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