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Documentation of Successful Active Programs

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** Note: these programs were all submitted by NEACURH Affiliated Institutions and are NACURH-level winning OTMs.

Sample Passive Programs

"Change 4 Change"- Service
Placed in the lobby of a Residence Hall/Dining Hall. This program is extremely simple, easy to implement, and adaptable to any campus or cause. "Change 4 Change" is designed around its target audience. In this case, humor was incorporated to encourage residents to donate. Each jar has a competing theme/image, and residents use their donation as a "vote" for the jar they prefer. The jars say "Phil Me Up!" and each jar has a different "Phil" on it, referring to popular culture. In addition, informational half-sheets are provided, as well as candy for anyone who donates. 

"Let's Talk Trash"- Sustainability
Can be placed anywhere. Details campus specific information and locations regarding composting, landfill, and recycling; the impact of disposable materials like plastic and styrofoam; the importance of reusing/reducing over recycling; techno scrapping locations; and small measures such as shorter showers and turning off the lights.

More info on sustainability on campus here. 

"Gratitude Tree"- Recognition 
Placed in the lobby of a Residence Hall. This program simply requires paper and markers. Tape trunk up and make blank leaves accessible. Instruction sheet should tell the passer-by to write down what they're grateful for this holiday season.

"Coffee & Tea: BYOM"- Sustainable Living 
Leave various coffee/tea supplies and hot water in the lobby of a Residence Hall. Post a sign that instructs residents to bring their own mug, with facts about the benefits of reusable containers, and encourages them to avoid disposable cups every day. 

Active Programming

Suggested Template:

1. Introductions/Ice Breaker (10 min)

2. Presentation/Activity/Film (30-60 min)

3. Discussion/Reflection/Giveaways (10 min)

4. Evaluate/Follow Up (Post-Program)

Where the Wind Blows - Make a circle, one person is “it” in the center, they introduce themselves and make a statement like “the wind blows if you like dogs”, and everyone who likes dogs leaves their spot, enters the circle, and runs to find a new spot. The last person left in the center is “it”


Link - One person starts in the center of the circle, they make a statement like “i love beyonce”, and if you agree you rush to link arms with that person (only one can link), continues until everyone is linked


Name game - “My name is ella and i love animals”, next person introduces themselves and repeats everyone who went before them OR use adjective that shares first letter “ecstatic ella”

Life map - Have everyone draw 4 or 5 images that represents their life map (i.e. their life thus far).


Naked - Make teams, have a theme, have everyone write 3 or more words on scraps of paper and put them in a bag/hat, play charades with increasing difficulty and more limiting rules.


What is your personal mascot? Theme song?

What is your dream/passion?

What is your spirit appliance? Vegetable/fruit?

If you could have any job (ignoring money), what would it be?

Ice Breakers

Fruit loves Fruit - Everyone picks and announce a fruit and sits in a circle. One person is “it” in the middle, and the people in the circle start by saying “(my fruit) loves (another person’s fruit)”. (apple loves orange.) If a fruit is repeated back to back, or a fruit is said that doesn’t belong to a player, that individual is out. The person who is “it” must try to tag the fruit who is speaking before another person begins speaking. If they succeed, that new person is it.


Diversity Tower - Given different tools per group (tape, paper, paper, clips, chopsticks, etc), and 2 minutes to make tower. Explain privilege at end with different resources provided, how some overcame, etc


Pterodactyl - Sit in a circle, one person starts by turning to the person next to them and says “pterodactyl” without showing teeth. No one can show their teeth. If you laugh, you’re out. The goal is to make others laugh. If you want to change the direction, you must make a screeching pterodactyl noise at the person in the other direction.


Rock Paper Scissors Competition - Everyone pairs up, plays rock paper scissors, loser must cheer for winner loudly while winner goes on to compete against other winners until there is one ultimate champion.

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