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Task Forces and Committees

OTM Voting Committee

Chaired by Tania (Regional Director) and Alika (CORS)


The OTM Voting Committee meets regularly to vote on OTM Awards. They will explore ways to innovate the experience of OTM writing in our region. The committee will also work to increase engagement for OTM writing within the region.

Policies and Practices

Chaired by Jared (ADAF)


This committee will explore the regional policy book in addition to our practices outside of policy and evaluate them to ensure we're providing the best experiences possible for affiliates. We are also looking for a Co-chair for this committee!

Advocacy Task Force

Chaired by Helene (CODEI), Riley (COEO) and Colton (COLD)


The advocacy task force works to advocate, program, and educate in areas such as mental health, financial literacy, voting rights, legislative processing.

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