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RLC 2024 and SLC 2025 Host Site

NEACURH is looking for an in-person Host Site for the 2024 Regional Leadership Conference and 2025 Spring Leadership Conference. Below you will find the Host Intent form and all information regarding Conference hosting and the selection process. Please be sure to read through all the information! Host intents are now closed. If you have any questions or would like to know more about conference resources please contact the Regional Director at

Why You Should Host a Regional Conference
  • Why is it important to the individual? 
    • Resume Builder
    • Networking opportunities
    • Give back to NEACURH and NACURH
  • Why is it important to the organization?
    • Collaborate with on-campus professionals and organizations
    • Connect with and educate other organizations
    • Share your campus pride by welcoming RHA and NRHH members to your home!
    • Gain recognition on the regional and national levels
    • Grow as an institution and organization by building various skills
  • Why is it important to NEACURH as a whole?
    • Provide a space for RHA and NRHH members to learn and grow together
    • Gives members and delegates a meaningful experience
    • Shape the leadership development of delegates through transferable skills
    • Experience a new campus by being immersed in residential life
RLC 2024 & SLC 2025 Selection Process
  • Submit A Host Intent!
    • ​First step to hosting is submitting an intent for one of the conferences. Submitting an intent simply shows your interest in hosting and is non binding. 
  • Meet with the Regional Director and Team
    • Once an intent is submitted, the Regional Director will reach out to schedule a meeting. All members of the host site team are welcome to attend but it is highly encouraged that advisors and conference chairs attend.
    • During this meeting the director will provide you with resources to host and talk through conference logistics. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure you have all the necessary information and tools to move forward through the application process. 
  • Complete the Host Site Application
    • Once the intent deadline has passed you can complete the host site application. Information regarding the content of the application will be shared with the host team after meeting with the Director.
    • You must also contact the NACURH Conference Resource Consultant ( to obtain the Host Intent form for your application. 
  • Application Review and Presentation
    • Once the application deadline closes the 2023-2024 Conference Selection Committee will review all materials.​
    • All potential schools will also be required to present their bid to the Selection Committee. A presentation time will be scheduled by the Regional Director.
    • The Selection Committee will select a host site based on both the application and presentation materials.
  • After Selection
    • Once the Selection Committee has made their decision all potential schools will be made aware of the selection. ​
    • The Director will share the information with the region and a business chat will be scheduled to confirm the host site.
    • The Selection Committee will present all materials from the process and share their thoughts at the Business Chat.
What to Expect with this Process
  • Resources and checklists for your application and presentation

  • Support directly from Regional Director and Regional Advisor as soon as you start the process 

  • Access to past resources and archive of past conferences

  • Budget creation resources and support from our Team

  • Support from the Conference Resource Consultant

  • Presenting to the Selection Committee Instead of the region directly

  • Receive Feedback from the Selection Committee to ensure your Conference is a success!

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