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OTMs are “Of the Months” which are a way to recognize the amazing things going on at your campus. There are two types of OTMs (individual and program) that have a number of categories which include a person or program that you would like to nominate. This recognition starts on your campus level and can possibly reach regional and NACURH levels.


OTM Submission Updates:

NACURH recently decided to end its agreement with ACUHO-I regarding the previous OTM database and internally developed a temporary OTM system to replace the database. A submission form is temporarily available on the NACURH website while NACURH works on developing a permanent OTM submission and data management system. Visit for all information on OTMs!

Updates for Nominators:

If your only use of the OTM database is as a nominator, this change will only affect where you are submitting your nominations. You will not log into an account anymore, and will submit your nominations through the form on the Submit an OTM! page. 

Updates for Campus Administrators:

If you are a campus administrator, you can navigate to the upcoming “Campus Administrators” page under the OTM tab to find information about how to submit your campus winning OTMs. This page will go live in the coming weeks as we prepare for the January OTM voting period in February.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Kiara Wisniewski, the ADNRHH, at!

Important Links and Resources
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