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The 2024-2027 Regional NRHH Advisor Selection Process is now closed! More information regarding the process will come out soon. If you have questions, please contact Taylor Bouraad at

Application Process:

  • Application opens up and closes on July 2nd.

    • Please note that the application will ask for you to attach your resume, a cover letter, and letters of support from your department (you do not need to work for a Residential Life office). You can submit optional letters of support from student leaders you have worked with. 

  • Following the application, candidates will participate in a 30-minute meeting with the current Regional Advisor and a few members of the Regional Board of Directors. This meeting will be an opportunity for you to share a bit more about your advising style and for related skills/experiences. These meetings will occur virtually in late July or early August. 

  • The Regional Board of Directors will review candidate materials and select a candidate by early September.

  • All candidates will receive communication regarding the decision on the day following an RBD decision.

  • The candidate for Regional NRHH Advisor will be announced to the region and be confirmed at a business chat (date TBD). 

    • They would serve in a transitional period beginning in September ​before being officially sworn in at RLC.

Please check out this resource guide presentation created by Taylor to view eligibility requirements and positional duties.

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