Regional Philanthropy: I Have a Dream Foundation

The I Have A Dream Foundation has been selected as NEACURH's Regional Philanthropy. The I Have A Dream Foundation provides equitable access to education for low income students from infancy until the completion of post secondary education. They value access to higher education and equity, similar to the values we hold as members of NACURH, Inc. The I Have A Dream Foundation is reaching students across all 50 states and even some international affiliates. 

“We transform lives by getting Dreamers to and through postsecondary education. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty so that all children can become productive citizens”. 

The I Have A Dream foundation is calling us to spread information about equitable access to higher education, to get our colleges and universities involved with Dreamers, to provide resources and mentorship to Dreamers, to help raise funds for their organization and Dreamers’ college experiences, and to support their efforts, especially when they align with the values of NACURH. We have an incredible opportunity to change lives and the way of thinking about higher education. Let’s get to it!

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